The Works

Dr Tom Masters


It's a great pleasure for me to welcome you to my website. Here you'll find information about my current writing projects, extracts from my works, audio recordings, and links to the websites of my collaborators.

Silence: An Epic Poem

This project began inflamed with Promethean hubris. From the beginning it was my intention to write an epic poem that would exceed the monumental weight of both The Iliad and The Odyssey combined; that would aspire to out-do the intellectual acumen of Lucretius' On the Nature of the Universe; that would be infused with the profound vision of Dante's Divine Comedy; and that would transcend the textual breadth of Pound's Cantos. I envisioned writing an epic poem whose truly epic proportions would be matched by its architectonic innovation; an epic poem that would powerfully juxtapose the intuitive and the rational, and fuse the metaphysical with the astrophysical.

Well, five years later and the fire still hasn't gone out. So far I've completed the first two books of the epic, which were published as a single volume by Winchester University Press this March. Click on the link above to read extracts from the unfolding poem and listen to audio recordings. Here you'll also find a link to the Winchester University Press website, and information on how to order copies of the book.

The Adventures of Hohum & 'Friends'

In complete contrast to my work as an epic poet, The Adventures of Hohum & 'Friends' are a series of short stories that focus on the character of Hohum the hohum, a small rat-like creature with a hygiene fixation, who lives on the banks of an enchanted lake. Written in the spirit of Wind in the Willows, it's my hope that these stories will appeal to both children and adults alike. Click on the link above to discover more about Hohum and his world! You'll also discover some beautiful illustrations created by the extremely talented Mr Ryan Medlock...


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people. Professor Andrew Melrose, for all his guidance during my years as a PhD student; Professor Christopher Mulvey, for his support in seeing Silence through the press; my mum, for her excellent proof-reading skills; Solent Productions for enabling me to produce an audio CD of my poetry; John Ferngrove, for his very favourable Amazon review; Kate Jackson, for her photographic skills; and Ryan Medlock, a young artist with a very bright future, for his professionalism and his enthusiasm.