Dr Tom Masters

Hohum the Hohum

On the banks of a lake there is a hole, and in this hole there lives a hohum.

Now hohums bear a marked similarity to water rats but are, let me assure you, completely different. For one thing they walk around on their hind legs, and for another they speak a beautiful language which sounds very much like ancient Greek, but not quite.

Anyway, this particular hohum is a very hole-proud hohum (some would say neurotic, but then people can be cruel) who has the great misfortune of being named after his species: Hohum the hohum.

This, as you may imagine, caused him a certain amount of grief during his school days, and is the reason why he has such a troubled relationship with his mother.

The oddness of his name notwithstanding, Hohum likes to think of himself as a sociable creature, who would, if other people weren't so terribly messy, have a lot of friends ...

All Hohum images are © Ryan Medlock
(www.ryanmedlock.co.uk and ryanmedlock.blogspot.com )

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